Monday, September 6, 2010

Travel Days 10-11 Lalibela to Addis Ababa (aka July 24-25)

On travel day 10, we were supposed to have a 'short hike' (read here about 2 hours) up Lalibela mountain to see the city from the mountain top.  We would have also had the option to ride a donkey instead of walk.  Its rumored to be an absolutely beautiful hike and majestic views....praise God it came a monsoon the night before and was still raining the morning so we had an excuse were unable to do the hike.  I was NOT looking forward in my ill state to a long hike...although I was feeling more human by this point.  The girls were a bit disappointed as they wanted to ride the donkey.  We assured them we'd find a donkey at some point for them to sit on. 

It takes 2 days by private car to get from Lalibela back to Addis (about three for those souls who brave bus travel).  It is about 600 kn or 372 might be thinking a days drive..with a couple of stops.....but these aren't normal miles.  These miles look like this

Going thorugh a larger town on our way to Kombolcha, where we spent the night on our way back to Addis.

Such a familiar sight, people walk EVERYWHERE, miles and miles to get to the next village or market.  It was rare to see a personal car.

These small 2-3 person motor taxis were a very common sight especially in villages.

Everyone gets a little tired after walking....note this is a two lane road!

More walking

More twists and turns...and for weary travelers prone to car sickness...God created Dramamine!

Finally, on our last day we saw some camels!  The girls had been hoping to see some since we read you can often buy them in a town marketplace. 

We did make it back to Addis though (though delayed a little by a flat tire and a harrowing short detour up and over a mountain due to a closed road.  We made it to our hotel Green Valley where we got changed and headed to meet Hana!
Our hotel is on the right.  We wer on the top floor, third window from the left.  This wasn't our photo, it was from someone who previously stayed at the green valley....I stole from a wikipedia entry :)  I'm all about full disclosure.

(for those of you paying attention, you'll note a change in the spelling of Hana's name from Hanna to Hana.  We found out a few days ago, that the official spelling of her name is only with 1 'n'. So we'll spell it this way from now on unless she wants to change it.)

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  1. Oh rats!! I SO would have loved to see some camels when we were there!!!